The plain yet impressive rooms of the library and archive is where the abbey keeps its 60,000 volumes, 379 incunables, and 61 manuscripts.

This enormous collection emphasises the importance of the abbey in the cultural and intellectual life of Tyrol of the past and present.

The endurance and diligence of the former keepers of this library has made it possible for us to learn the truth about this beautiful place and area from original documents.

It is not widely known, but certainly with good reason that St. Benedict encouraged the monks of his order not only to pray and work, but to pray, work and read.

Some time ago, members of the commission for medieval books and manuscripts from the Austrian Academy of Sciences carried out research on the illuminated manuscripts. The outcome can be examined here. (Link)

Among the documents that are kept here you can find papal and episcopal edicts, certificates and privileges raised by the Tyrolean rulers, bestowal certificates and economic documents.

All these documents have survived several centuries and both dissolutions of the abbey.

The most impressive piece of writing is the abbeys deed of foundation, signed by Meinhard II in 1275

For further information, please contact our archivist  OStR. Prof. Mag. Karl Palfrader

Download – Benutzungsordnung – Archive Stams (PDF)